Identify Key Factors Influencing the Pet Industry

 - Mar 18, 2012
References: trendreports
Although there are many animals that have been domesticated over the years, people tend to raise pets that won't pose a threat to the family. These usually include dogs, cats, birds, fish, lizards and hamsters. The Domestic Animal Trend Report is your guide to understanding the kinds of animals that inspire owners and other industries to create memes, viral videos, blogs and new products.

The Internet has forever changed since the over-saturation of cat blogs, dog memes and viral videos of pets doing the darnedest things. Domestic animals keep the family dynamic in check, but sometimes they become the center of attention when caught in compromisingly hilarious situations. This happens more often than you'd think, hence the rise of pet content on the Web.

Using our crowd-sourced research, you can track the latest pet trends, from memes and blogs to photography and art.