The Dogs Infographic Summarizes the Unsavory Tendencies of Pets

Prospective and current pet owners can learn everything they need to know about canine behavior with the Dogs Infographic. The comically informative chart covers six topics: size vs. rage, proximity to water, selective breeding, finding food, places to dig and excitability.

The infographic references many of the topics dog owners frequently find themselves frustrated at their canine companions for. The 'Areas to Dig' section makes it clear that no outdoor region, no matter how sacred or inaccessible (Koi pond), is safe from a dog's excavating tendencies. The 'Excitability' section uses a pseudo mathematical equation to demonstrate the likelihood for dogs to pee themselves in the presence of an energetic crowd.

The Dogs Infographic also covers genetics in the 'Selective Breeding' section. If the current progression continues, the Boston Terrier, come 2110, will look like a cross between a bullfrog and a gerbil.