The 'Do You Eat Too Much Protein' Graph is Health-Focused

 - Aug 12, 2012
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The 'Do You Eat Too Much Protein' infographic reveals the dangers of overindulging in meaty meals. While everyone needs some protein in their diet, excessive consumption can lead to increased health risks.

Eating too much of anything will result in unfavorable physical conditions. Experts recommend eating a balanced diet with lots of veggies and produce. While consuming meat routinely is okay, adding alternatives to red meat like fish and ingesting more plant-based proteins like quinoa will help moderate your protein levels. If you need another reason to give up your daily burger habits, consider the fact livestock production has a much greater environmental impact. Animal-based protein requires more land space, water consumption and causes extensive soil erosion.

Reevaluate your dietary choices with the informative Do You Eat Too Much Protein infographic.