The DLI 9000 Safely Completes Payment Transactions

 - May 28, 2012
References: dataltd & gizmag
The DLI 9000 tablet is designed for use in the retail and hospitality sectors for use as a drop-proof and secure portable payment method.

While many stores and restaurants are moving toward integrating the use of tablets into their retail experience, there are few that are designed to both find information for the customer and then also complete a transaction on the spot. Often the buyer would have to still line up and pay at the cash rather than having the ability to pay for their purchase right then and there.

This brick-thick personal computer offers the retailer the ability to offer their customers product information and check if the item they are after is in stock while also letting them purchase said product directly from the sales representative.

While it can only process debit or credit transactions it will certainly aid congestion at check out counters.