Patrick Priebe's Unique DIY Crossbow Shoots Air Gun Pellets

 - May 4, 2016
References: laser-gadgets & gizmag
German hobbyist, tinkerer and DIY expert Patrick Priebe is known for creating incredibly peculiar yet impressive homemade weapons, but even he may have actually gone ahead and outdone himself by creating a DIY crossbow that shoots BBs.

This device features a regular medical syringe that forms an airtight seal in conjunction with a small hole in a block of wood, essentially forming a gun barrel. Meanwhile the BBs are routed through another vertical tunnel, and are held in place by a weak magnet. When the user pulls the bow back, the bow snaps forward and delivers the bottom BB out towards your foe. A green laser helps you locate your target with precision.

Ultimately, by fusing features of crossbows and BB guns, Patrick Priebe has shown that innovative DIY tinkering can help you create wonderfully unique gadgets.