Caution Tape For Social Commentary

"Don’t worry, everything is ok. There’s no need to act. Nothing needs to change. Please, just go about your business."

This is the ironic suggestion implied by this roll of bright yellow, caution-style tape emblazoned with the message "everything is ok," but a length of barricade tape obstructing your path forces you to stop and take notice, so the message is at odds with the medium.

That’s where things get interesting.

Maybe "OK" simply means "average" or "mediocre." Maybe if everything is just average or status quo, we have a real problem on our hands. The great thing about this tape is that it leaves a lot to the imagination, rather than being preachy or too narrowly focused.

The tape, which comes 100 feet to a roll in cool-looking tin can is also available in a limited edition (signed and numbered!) version that includes stickers, postcards, buttons and other cool swag.

The tape has also been exhibited at contemporary art museums in the US and Japan, so its interesting that it has a foothold in the art world but is still very much of the street.