Shapeways Turns Your Scribbled Art Into Silver Accessories

 - Mar 14, 2011
References: shapeways & shapeways
3D print your own jewelry designs in sterling silver with Shapeways.  Have you ever had an idea for a cool piece of jewelry, but no silversmith skills to make it happen?

Over at Shapeways you can 3D print your own designs from a 3D CAD model or even from a simple hand drawn sketch. To have your silver jewelry 3D printed you will need upload your designs to the Shapeways website and within 15 days you can have your own ultra unique, bespoke jewelry. Once you have your design you can also make some extra cash by selling your 3D printed designs on Shapeways too, or if you don’t have the chops to design your own, you can still choose from a massive range of awesome designs from independent designers, or even work with a designer to customize your own.

Not only do you get the most awesome jewelry you could ever imagine, but you also get a great story to tell of how you designed your very own piece -- something that you have a deeper connection to than a mass produced item. It also makes for the perfect gift. Imagine giving a friend or family member a ring that you have designed especially for them.