This Disappearing Office has Desks that Get Lifted Into the Air at Night

 - Sep 19, 2014
References: & fastcoexist
In an effort to reinforce a work-life balance among employees, this Dutch design studio has a disappearing office. At the end of the day at 6pm, the desks are lifted up into the ceiling with computers and paperwork still on them. With the floor space clear, the open area becomes free for other uses -- anything but work that is.

Heldergroen Creative Director Sander Veenendaal explains once the work day is over and the desks are retracted into the air, the room can become anything from a dance floor to a networking reception. While Amsterdam-based Heldergroen uses the workspace during the day, they rent it out for free at night and during weekends. The disappearing office act is possible using a key-operated theater-like lifting mechanism and steel ceiling cables.