The D.GURI is a Mod Decorative Element That Introduces Intimacy

 - Oct 2, 2013
References: jungdongsung
Bright and bold, the D.GURI Light & Mirror can actually contribute a subtlety within the home environment. It comes in cheerful red, orange, green and blue to match your contemporary decor, yet its primary purpose is to achieve intimacy with you, its user.

Designed by Dongsung Jung, the looking glass comprises a circular base, a slender stem and a round head. The latter section is remarkably slim; however, it provides you with a reflector on one face and a lamp on the other side.

The D.GURI Light & Mirror provides sufficient illumination on its own at night, delivering diffuse rays for a tranquil atmosphere. During the day, you can see a nice and clear image of yourself on the flip side to assist you with makeup and grooming.