Despair Inc. Diagnoses Behavioral Disorders From Online Networking

 - Jun 5, 2009   Updated: Mar 24 2011
References: site.despair
Despair Inc. brings us this t-shirt that provides an interesting, yet humorous look at social media and “unlocking some awesome behavioural disorders.”

To find out whether you lean towards narcissism, ADHD or stalking, simply follow the Venn diagram to unlock your behavioral disorder destiny. Results are based on your preference for Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, and TweetStalk.

Implications - Social media has increasingly become a dominant fixture in the lives of millions of people worldwide, so it's only natural that an increased awareness of its own particular absurdities would become a staple for pop culture humor. This has given rise to the increase of fashion that plays on this trend, and this Despair Inc. t-shirt is a perfect example of that.