'Des destinees de l’ame' is an Antique Book with a Fleshy Side

 - Jun 19, 2014
References: designtaxi
Harvard University’s Houghton Library is housing a book titled Des destinees de l’ame, which can be translated as "On The Destiny Of The Soul." Fittingly, this book about a human soul has a human covering: skin.

Based on a note found inside of the book by the author's doctor friend Ludovic Bouland and scientific research, the book's binding was confirmed to be made up of the skin of a woman who suffered from a mental illness and died of a heart attack. According to Bouland, you can even see the pores of her skin upon a close glance.

Using skin of the dead to construct book bindings is actually a legitimate practice called anthropodermic bibliopegy. However, usually only the skin of criminals is used. The criminal skin bindings would be perfect for a Stephen King novel.