The Defusable Alarm Clock Looks Like a Threatening Way to Wake Up

 - Aug 28, 2013
References: coolmaterial & fancy
If you're looking for a fresh way to get up in the morning, The Defusable Alarm Clock is a fun way to start the day.

Part of the fun with this timepiece is you build it yourself. The clock actually comes in a kit of separated parts for you to assemble the way you wish! Even if all your friends have this too, each of you can make one that's unique. After the clock is built it's actually completely functional. When the wires and screws are all in place, you'll be able to set the alarm -- there's even a snooze button!
When the alarm goes off, you have 10 seconds to "diffuse" the alarm. How this works is your job is to cut the correct wire out of four.

The Defusable Alarm Clock will definitely wake you up, as every morning the right wire changes!