Is The Exposed Chest a Good Look, Or Too Much for Guys?

 - Mar 26, 2009
References: aaa-fashion
There is an undeniable trend for Spring/Summer 2009 that has already caused a bit of a stir, and a bit more than a little disagreement between those viewing it. Deep V-neck shirts made their way on the runway after being introduced originally by American Apparel. While the look is certainly wearable, it hasn’t come without a certain amount of resistance. 

The look is causing a bit of a stir and is in many discussions being referred to as the "douchebag T." My personal issue doesn’t come from the shirt itself. If you are a man secure with your body, and are loving on your pecs, I think it’s perfectly fine to wear this shirt. Besides, I think it is a great improvement from the men who decide it’s OK to walk shirtless down the street. However, my issue comes with the unwashed men they have modeling the look. To the men out there: I don’t think you need to look like a hobo to be trendy.

So, ignore the talk. If you’re a man who wants to show some skin, this look is for you. Just maybe do a few push ups before you leave the house.