Ladle Your Liquids With DEDE's Slurp Mug

 - May 9, 2011
References: ckie & yankodesign
Fry yours fingers no more: the Slurp Mug is here to save drink and soup-scorched hands.

DEDE's Slurp Mug is a fantastic fusion of modern design and traditional production practice. The two designers who make up DEDE (DextrousDesign) were inspired by the shape of the common kitchen ladle, realizing that it would make for a very comedic coffee cup. Using traditional Greek ceramic production practices, the designers successfully created the clever cup. DEDE's Slurp Mug has a long-stemmed handle, allowing the soup-sipper to hold her boiling beverage from a distance. The unique design is refreshing to say the least, and I can definitely see it catching on in crowded coffee shops.

Banish brew burns forever! DEDE's Slurp Mug will have you sipping and smiling.