David Moreno Creates Three-Dimensional Artworks That Look Two-Dimensional

 - Sep 6, 2012
References: behance.net & fubiz.net
David Moreno is a Spanish sculptor based in Barcelona with a special skill. He can manipulate wires in such a way that they form sketch-like artworks that appear to have been drawn with pencil or, better yet, charcoal. Using a slew of thread-thin wires, David Moreno's sculptures are nevertheless three dimensional, not two.

Shaping chairs, interacting with miniature houses and even taking on the guise of humans, David Moreno's wire sculptures reference his own exploration of selfhood, identity and displacement. Stunning to witness in person, there is a minimalist quality to each piece that is perpetuated by the black white backdrop of the gallery walls.

The wire sculptures by David Moreno were created for an exhibition at the N2 Gallery in Barcelona, Spain. The art exhibit has been aptly titled 'Drawing With Wire.'