This Infographic Explore the Threats and Insults Exchanged Via Tinder

 - Oct 16, 2015
References: instantcheckmate & fastcocreate
While Tinder might be a great app to meet people through it also opens up a space for unwanted attention, unrequited advances and even verbal abuse as this dating chart put together by Instant Checkmate and the background checking data the site sources. The 'Most Common Insults and Threads Men Send to Women on Tinder' analyses what goes on in the communication exchange between men and woman.

The infographic tallies a list of the ten most common insults, threats and outrageous comments along with what aspects the insults are geared towards and the types of personalities you might meet on Tinder. The macabre subject matter can be quite eye-opening to read but it does have some pretty harsh data.

While this infographic does raise important points about how we communicate, it does give a skewed male to female perspective when it can really go either way.