This Book Infographic Points Out the Flaws in Darwin's Theory

 - Jul 11, 2013
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The Darwin's Doubt novel by author Stephen C. Meyer is an argument against the popular evolutionary theory. The Darwin's Doubt infographic works to summarize the book's main points in a helpful, informative and visual display.

Darwin's Doubt breaks down the evolutionary Darwin theory that organic plant matter and animal life came from the Cambrian Explosion. With five main points that disprove the popular scientific Darwin theory, Stephen C. Meyer argues with factual data that the Cambrian Explosion's "fossil record does not show the... evolution predicted by most Darwinian scientists."

With this infographic designed much like the orange, beige, brown and white font style that the original Darwin's Doubt book is featured in, this The Darwin's Doubt infographic is the perfect accompaniment to understanding the science novel.