The Darth Knight is a Ninja Who Knows How to Use the Force

The Darth Knight is a custom action figure created by John Harmon of Mint Condition Customs that combines Batman with Darth Vader. Meshing these two characters together creates a man of great power who can move in the shadows while wielding a lightsaber.

Harmon created this custom character by taking different pieces from a Batman action figure and a Darth Vader action figure. Taking the chest plate from the Dark Knight and adding on the head of Darth Vader, this badass toy is no run-of-the-mill action figure. Harmon even added Batman ears to the top of the Darth Vader helmet.

The Darth Knight is a mash-up of a character who contains great evil and another who fights for good -- the question of which side the Darth Knight fights for still remains.