Matteo Civaschi’s ‘Daft Punk’ Tribute Turns the DJs In

 - Aug 6, 2013
References: mymodernmet & mymodernmet
Brilliant designer Matteo Civaschi has created an amazing ‘Daft Punk’ tribute that recreates the ‘Get Lucky’ music video as a version with only pictogram men. With such an iconic group like ‘Daft Punk,’ it’s definitely a video that you’ll watch from start to finish.

When the newest Daft Punk album came out, there were a lot of mixed reviews. The traditional fans weren’t prepared to hear a sound that heavily strayed from their famous synthy-struts. Now that there has been time to digest the album, the fans are starting to warm up to the retro sound that they’re pumping out.

With Daft Punk tributes a plenty, Civaschi’s definitely stands out as one of the best. There’s something about minimalist and high-contrast art that is able to capture attention, so when you add that to the funky ‘Get Lucky’ track, you’ve definitely hit gold.