‘Cyber Clean' is Like the Lovechild of Silly Putty and Mr. Clean

 - Jan 31, 2009   Updated: Aug 16 2011
References: cyberclean.ch
Ever wonder how to clean that white keyboard? Before long, dust, bits of food, and tiny hairs find their way between the keys--not to mention the drops of coffee that stain the keys themselves. Is anything up to the task of cleaning this thing? The folks behind Cyber Clean think so. In fact, they think the answer is a small yellow blob. Simply said, Cyber Clean is the gooey mess that cleans up other gooey messes.

Implications - Cyber clean goes the extra mile, picking up and killing germs where the conventional cleaner falls short. In addition to making the home a cleaner, germ-free place, the cavity cleaning enhances keyboard and device performance.