This Cute Camera from ‘Lomography’ Has a Retro Flash

 - Nov 28, 2013
References: shop.lomography & fancy
This pretty camera is so girly and retro, both in shape and design. The old-timey flash bulb on top takes you back to a time when newspaper people still said "get the scoop." The outside designs are also very retro, looking like old 80s cartoons.

The body of the camera is light pink. The design on the front of a is a blue, green and pink pastel rainbow with yellow stars on one side. On the other side is a image of a character called Diana created by Tara McPherson. Diana has colorful blue hair and is wearing a pink mask over her eyes. She is shooting rainbows out of her eyes.

The back of the pretty camera also has a close-up of Diana, with stars and rainbows streaming out of her eyes. The back of the flash is bulb is light pink like the rest of the camera.

This precious picture-taker is perfect for anyone who wants a camera that is as gorgeous to look at as the images it captures.