Custom Snow Removers For Canadians Sick of Winter

 - Jan 22, 2009   Updated: Apr 5 2011
References: ohgizmo
It snows a lot in the small town of Muskoka, north of Toronto. Apparently, an awful lot, and metal fabricator, Kai Grundt, wasn't going to take it anymore. He built a V8-engine-powered snow blower that weighs over 800 pounds, moves snow twice as fast as your typical snow blower and can shoot the pesky white stuff about 100 feet.

Implications - Power and strength are the watchwords of desirability for some consumers, and innovations like this perfectly appeal to this horse-power driven desire. For companies that specialize in catering to this fearsome portion of the marketplace, there is a lot to be said for the brute strength of a product along these lines.