A Crowdsourced Lobbying Service Ensures Your Activism is Amplified

 - Jun 18, 2014
References: amplifyd & fastcoexist
History proves a small group of dedicated citizens can create real change, which means crowdsourced lobbying could be the future. A social activism platform called Amplifyd will lobby politicians on your behalf for a cause you care about for the small price of $4.95.

By purchasing a call to your representative, you can join the movement while the campaign lobbyists give your cause a voice. Up to 60% of funds are donated to a non-profit organization managing that campaign. You can get further involved by becoming a paid caller yourself and getting involved with crowdsourced lobbying. You can also create a campaign for your activist organization through the service.

From gun sales to dangerous cars to drug sentencing, you can make sure the appropriate government representative hears about it.