The Crossbow Snow Launcher Will Let You Rule Every Park and Playground

 - Oct 25, 2011
References: sharperimage & gizmodo
Imagine the look on the faces of other kids, as you unsheathe your Crossbow Snow Launcher from your holster and begin launching snowballs at lightning speed and with deadly accuracy. They'll want one too.

Although this may be the beginning of a winter arms race among children, the Crossbow Snow Launcher is still an astounding device. Brought to you by The Sharper Image, this ballistic device exploits the simple physical law of propulsion: load a snowball, pull back the lever and aim the device at your first victim! A shoulder stock and an ergonomic handle make the Crossbow Snow Launcher even easier to use. Lastly, a vinyl target is included, which might come in handy when perfecting your accuracy at 60 feet, the launcher's maximum range.