Creminelli Fine Meats' Fresh Snacking Trays Feature High-End Meats

 - Feb 10, 2017
References: facebook & perishablenews
Creminelli Fine Meats recently expanded its lineup of fresh snacking trays to include three new varieties. With high-end meats such as Calabrese Salami and flavorful cheeses such as authentic Dutch Gouda, the meat trays are perfect for those looking for a more upscale meat snack to enjoy on the go.

Creminelli Fine Meats' new fresh snacking trays are meat and cheese pairings that are designed to serve as a type of portable charcuterie board. The three flavor pairing include Calabrese Salami & Smoked Provolone, Casalingo Salami & Gouda Cheese and Prosciutto & Mozzarella. All of the meat included is antibiotic-free, while all of the cheese is free of rBST.

Of course, it is not just the high-end ingredients that make the fresh snack trays so appealing to consumers. The meats and cheeses are also packaged in slim, portable trays, making it easy for consumers to enjoy the products as an appetizer, lunch or an on-the-go snack.