This LEGO Creepy Crawlies Collection is Playfully Scientific

 - Mar 10, 2013
References: flickr & obviouswinner
If this collection of LEGO creepy crawlies somehow started to walk around, it would look so real people would think there was an insect infestation.

Built entirely by hand by Siercon and Coral out of various LEGO pieces from all different sets, the bugs are structured so accurately that their body parts can be labelled scientifically. Although they are made out of plastic parts and placed within a glass casing just like traditional insect taxidermy, I'm not convinced these critters won't try to escape.

With the multitude of LEGO pieces in all different colors and a bit of scientific knowledge and imagination, anyone can start their own taxidermy collection of insects, creating all of the different creepy crawlies as they go.