Forbes Estimates What Fake Houses Are Worth

 - Dec 26, 2008
References: forbes
Leave it to Forbes to put a value on fake mansions and estates. I knocked the list down a little, leaving out cartoon houses, like Richie Rich and Burns Manor (Simpsons), but left in Barbie's Malibu Dream Home because I remember spending a Christmas Eve putting one together!

The source material was equally varied, ranging from videogames (Lara Croft's mansion from Tomb Raider) to literature (Jay Gatsby's West Egg mansion from The Great Gatsby, $42.5 million). Iron Man Tony Starks pad is estimated at $50.8 million; Pemberly from Pride and Prejudice would be worth $110 million; Wayne Manor is $105 mil; Corleone Compound is $66.6 mil; South Fork (Dallas TV program) is $50 mil; Croft Manor is $46 million; Tony Montana's snow warehouse is $35 million; Clampett Beverly Hills Mansion is $31.2 mil; and Barbie's Malibu Dream House is priceless!