Cracker Emulates a Pecan Shape as a Logical Form for This Manual Implement

 - Feb 20, 2014
References: michalfargo
The Cracker may have had more in common with the conventional nutcracker, taking a form like tongs or including a compressing compartment; nevertheless, the designer opted to invent a unique utensil for shelling protein-rich kernels with a rudimentary yet refined method.

Michal Fargo's solution was to make a full porcelain cast that resembled the shape of a pecan, with its smooth surfaces and teardrop form. One side of the Cracker has a couple of gentle grooves worked into it, facilitating the comfortable placement of the user's fingers for optimal grip. Now, to break the protective housing of your choice nut, simply hold the Cracker towards your fingertips and place the edible closer to your palm. Make a fist and the ceramic stone will fracture the nutshell.