deCODEme DNA Reader

 - Nov 18, 2007
References: decodeMe & trendhunter
Where did your ancestors come from? Do you have increased risk for a heart disease or Alzheimer? What can your DNA tell? Wouldn't it be nice to know? is a new website where you can send in a sample and get the profs at deCODE to read your genes. You just order a set to get samples, take it and send it to their lab in Iceland. The researchers will then read your genetic code to tell you where your ancestors came from and calculate the increased genetic risk of over 17 diseases. All this is based on their research and mapping of the human gene over the last decade. And what does it cost? $985 is the introductory price.

The big question is, of course, what are going to do with the information? What if you have increased risk of a certain disease? Are you going to notify your insurance company? Get your heart replaced in advanced? I think it is important before you get any information of this kind to know what kind of information you are getting what they mean and most of all, what you're going to do with it.