CR Fashion Book Issue Three Unorthodoxly Cherishes Couture

'The Cult' editorial for The CR Fashion Book issue three features women who juxtapose high fashion with vices like smoking and fast food consumption.

Though the word 'cult' might be synonymous with virgin sacrifice or speaking in tongues, this editorial simply references a bevy of fashion faithful gals. The models (or cult members) in question are as follows: Irina Shayk, Lisa Verberght, Masga Laguinge and Dalianah Arekion. Yes, these ladies proudly come forth as unapologetic fashion fanatics who would rather worship at House of Chanel or Commes Des Garcons, rather than the House of God.

Kabuki provided the girls with deviantly dark eye make-up while Akki Shirakawa styled their silky hair, often adorned with wreaths and other foliage. Carine Roitfeld orchestrated the heretical couture affair and photographer Sebastian Faena captured it in all its zealous glory.