The Cozy Rack Dries Your Wet Winter Clothes While Keeping You Warm

 - May 30, 2012
References: yankodesign
Dong Gyum Kim's Cozy Rack is a combination radiator/clothes dryer designed for those who need to dry wet clothes in a pinch. Drying your clothes using a radiator is nothing new, but the Cozy Rack is specifically designed to heat the house while drying your clothing at a safe temperature.

Those who must pay to use a washer and dryer know that when something needs to be dried in a pinch, you usually hang it on the clothesline. Unfortunately, during the winter, hanging clothes outside isn't an option. That's where the Cozy Rack comes in. The heater features a built-in clothes rack, letting you dry off your wet winter clothes in a pinch. The days of putting your clothes on the heater and hoping for the best are almost over.