The Corly Bedacht Musicmask Enhances Your Listening by Stealing Your Sight

 - May 12, 2011
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The Corly Bedacht Musicmask is an extremely simple solution to interrupted listening due to visual distractions. When meditating one day, Corly realized that he was experiencing the music that was playing in a very intense fashion, gathering a lot of imagery from it. This was because he was sitting in darkness, and with his vision blinded, there was no visual stimulation to distract his listening.

Soon after, the Musicmask was born. The Corly Bedacht Musicmask is made out of plastic, foam and Velcro, and it sits away from your face to let the listener open their eyes while listening. While a similar experience could be achieved by shutting your eyes, the Musicmask ensures total darkness and comfort.

Take your listening to new levels with Corly Bedacht's Musicmask.