Cori Kindred's Original Artwork is Deeply Poetic

 - Jun 29, 2011
References: etsy & myloveforyou.typepad
Cori Kindred's Original Artwork is a unique series of rock collections.

Cori has said of her inspiration that "I've always been in love with vintage rock collections, so I made my own, with a twist! I picked out the most gorgeous gemstones and used a tiny vintage pill box, paper and typewriter but instead of labeling them by their proper name i picked words inspired by the shape and color of the stone."

Cori Kindred's pieces prove to truly be one of a kind. Her poetic take on the stone also causes the viewer to ponder why she named the stones with their respective names.

Cori Kindred's work isn't just for sediment lovers. It has a unique aesthetic that would look amazing in any household.