Cord Tacos Solve Cord Bundling Issues by Folding Them in Style

 - Mar 8, 2013
References: etsy & uncrate
These charmingly named cord arrangers are cute leather snaps that fold headphones and other cords together to avoid bundling in backpack or pockets.

Most of us are aware of how annoying of a task it is to untangle bundled cords before each use. Cute and stylish solutions such as this one certainly help make life a tad bit easier.

It is also very clever of the designers to name their product Cord Tacos due to their very literal taco shapes. These minimalist tacos are made of 100% leather with black or gold metallic buttons.

They are as fashionable and affordable as they are functional; they epitomize the materialization of my favorite concept, which is that of providing simple solutions to underrated problems.