This Free Video Game Cleverly Advertises Coors Light Beer

 - Nov 4, 2015
References: & toucharcade
This free smartphone game functions as an immersive advertisement for Coors Light Beer.

The simple smartphone game leads players through an animated fighting adventure. The game's heroes, called "Super Refresh-Men," have to fight bad guys, collect beer and save party-goers from threatening overheating disasters like melting asphalt with refreshing Coors Light Beer. So far, reviewers say that it's a fun, classic smash 'em game, plus it's a free smartphone distraction for commuting and boring moments throughout the day.

This is a great marketing move on the part of Coors Light. By providing consumers with a free, entertaining product, they offer something valuable in return for its audience's attention. It's a great example of a brand packaging its message in a way that engages its consumer and makes them forget that they're being advertised to.