The Rurudo is a Cool Umbrella That Provides Shade and Cooling with a Blade

 - Jul 28, 2015
References: japantrendshop & japantrends
As well as shielding people from the rain, umbrellas are often favored to provide a spot of shade from the intense rays of the sun—but the Rurudo Fan Shade is a cool umbrella design that's equipped to beat the heat in a better way.

Although the umbrella is coated in a water-repellent finish, the Rurudo Fan Shade is even better equipped to provide protection on hot, sunny days. The umbrella comes in a lacy black design that looks like a normal parasol, but the underside also contains three fan blades that can rotate to provide additional cooling. Just as the umbrella is opened and closed from the handle, this feature can be activated by the press of a button in this area that also houses the batteries to power the fan in this unit as well.

The Rurudo Fan Shade is a prime example of how simple umbrellas are becoming more capable, like other models that include Wi-Fi, exercise tools and ones that are built to handle all-season conditions.