The Cool Breeze Shoes Will Keep You Comfortable From Head to Toe

 - Jul 24, 2011
References: japantrends
Among all the concrete and glass, the world's biggest city can turn into a furnace during the summers, which is why residents of Tokyo are jumping at the opportunity to buy these Cool Breeze shoes by Hydro-Tech.

Bolstered by the slogan, "my energy savings starts from my feet," these subtle yet practical shoes are hard-wired with cooling fans in the sole. The Cool Breeze shoes employ new filtering technology to keep the cool, clean air inside your shoe and the humid, hot air outside.

The launch of Cool Breeze shoes and other environmentally conscious products is the result of a new campaign launched by Japan's Ministry of Environment. The initiative, called Super Cool Biz, encourages the development of energy-reducing products aimed at salarymen, Tokyo's largest demographic. If the success of Cool Breeze shoes is any indication, the campaign has thus far been a resounding success!