Cooking Tools Cater to the Efficient Modern Culinary Environment

 - Oct 29, 2013
References: coroflot & core77
Domestic cabinets and drawers have contained many of the same culinary implements for generations, yet many needs have never been met and food preparation has changed in some ways. These Cooking Tools by Marion Caulet aim to equip the home chef with the necessities for getting everything done easily and effectively from the first steps of making a recipe to the serving and eating.

Made for Evolution Mauviel Cookware, the five-item collection behaves like a 20-piece set. The droplet-shaped shaker is perhaps the least versatile of the multipurpose objects, which includes stacking wooden spatulas, a two-sided measuring cup with a funnel, a three-part cooking timer, and a cork-topped bowl with plugs to hold many tubes of various seasonings. The Cooking Tools allow for multitasking on the stove and the kitchen table.