The Scribble Pen Can Scan Colors and Reproduce Them on Paper or Screen

 - Aug 12, 2014
References: kickstarter & gizmag
The Scribble color-scanning pen is a truly revolutionary invention, one of those things that you always wish existed but didn't dream would ever become reality in your lifetime. Well, the product has made a mockery of its Kickstarter goal by blowing past it in a matter of hours, and is all set to become reality.

But what exactly does the Scribble pen do? Well, you know when you come across an object that has a really unique color, and you wish you could reproduce it elsewhere? That's what the Scribble pen does.

This incredible color-scanning pen has a color sensor that analyzes the color of objects using its built-in microprocessor. You can then either reproduce the color on paper with Scribble Ink Pen or on a mobile device using the Scribble Stylus.

The device can reproduce over 16 million unique colors and can store over 100,000 colors at a time in its internal memory. A companion mobile app makes it possible to save, organize, tag, search and convert scanned colors.