These Color Block Leggings are Stylish and Comfortable for Winter

 - Dec 20, 2013
References: romwe
If you've hopped on the denim bandwagon this season, these color block leggings are for you.

This pair of tights are made out of cotton and have an elastic band, making them the perfect bottoms to wear when you're eating extremely filling holiday meals. In addition to being comfy, they're full of character. The shin area of the leggings are designed with fake denim. Since the denim print reaches just to up to the knee area, they deceptively look like you could be wearing a pair of knee-high boots.

The denim portion only covers the front of the tights, so from the back it'll appear that you're just wearing a cozy pair of grey leggings. If you don't want to sacrifice style to stay warm during the winter months, you should get a pair of color block leggings for your closet.