Collaborative World Brand Supports Nonprofits Through Apparel Sales

The Collaborative World Brand has come up for its own term to describe their apparel business that benefits nonprofits: co-profit.

The global nonprofits they support vary each season, and have thus far included the A21 Campaign and the Akshaya Trust.

"We are founded on Extraordinary Giving and donate 50% of the overall profit from the sale of our clothing to Partners already doing good in the world," the site explains. "We exist to Amplify their efforts. Our Mission is to actively pursue new and more extraordinary ways to Give, while encouraging others to do the same. GIVING is the brand."

The Collaborative World Brand brand includes shirts labeled with "Give" tags in bright blue, others with "Giving is the Brand" written across them, and more still with images and "Collaborative World" marked on them, or "50/50." Through and through, their apparel is their message.

The Collaborative World Values
1. TAKE CARE: we value extraordinary Giving outside of everyday filters
2. FEARLESSNESS: we value a fearless approach to new ideas and concepts
3. ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS: we value Giving everyone the opportunity to join, be, and share the movement
4. THE 50/50 RULE: we value that at least half of what comes into Collaborative World ultimately ends up leaving Collaborative World.

Collaborative World Brand is based in Costa Mesa, California and was co-founded by Tyler Carroll and Dave Goodman. Their website is not just about selling apparel, but engaging with their customers and yes, collaborating, through their Ask Us Anything area and social media involvement.

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