Renowned Blogger Coke Talk's Bold Designs Pop

Anonymous advice blogger Coke Talk of has released her own line of accessories through her fashion website, The Coquette. Known for her bold and honest advice on a variety of subjects, the blogger-turned-designer still keeps her identity a secret due to her candid discussion of drug use and apparent high-profile daytime job.

Fabricated by Los Angeles-based jewelry company NEIVZ, each ring and necklace is laser-cut and features a word or design that is sure to be an eye-catcher. Also featured in the store is a lambskin VIP bracelet with "W.W.C.T.D." (What Would Coke Talk Do) etched on it. Coke Talk's blunt accessories are, for the most part, reasonably priced, but definitely worth it for the attention they'll garner. While they might not all be appropriate for dinner with the in-laws, these items are perfect for a night out on the town.

The Coquette Boutique has recently expanded to include vintage threads, shoes, bags and beauty items.