This ‘Sustainable Coffee’ Infographic Examines Coffee

 - Jul 5, 2013
References: topmanagementdegrees
Many of us need a caffeine-packed cup of coffee to get us through the busy day, but are we really aware of how much coffee consumption the world is collectively racking in? This ‘Sustainable Coffee’ infographic brings awareness to how much coffee the world drinks, how sustainable the cultivation of coffee is and whether or not coffee farmers are getting fairly paid for their work and product.

Not much of a surprise: the United States comes in at top spot as the number one consuming country of coffee with 83% of the nation admitting to drinking the caffeinated brew daily. While all this hot java is being consumed by the world, many major retailer brands like McDonalds and Starbucks only return $2.84 of a $9-10 coffee sale back to the coffee farmers. So, while coffee is one of the biggest cash crops cultivated in the world, the farmers growing coffee barely even see any of the profits.