The CoeLux Indoor Light Gives Sunlight in Any Home

 - Jun 2, 2014
References: coelux & technabob
The CoeLux indoor light is a different kind of lamp. Rather than being a picturesque piece or a beautiful chandelier, it gives the room a skylight-looking light source.

Imagine walking into your living room every day and being greeted by the shining brilliance of the sun. Getting the roof knocked out of your apartment is not only extremely costly, but if you don't live in the penthouse, it is near impossible. This light won't give you a peek at the real sun through the roof, but it'll make you feel like it does.

There are various pieces that come together to make the light look more like sunlight in a bright sky and pieces that reduce the actual sunlight around it as it would clash with the image that it's trying to purvey.