The Co-oproduct 'CycleHangers' Recycle Two-Wheeler Gear

The Co-oproduct 'CycleHangers' make use of recycled bicycle products, allowing athletes and two-wheeled enthusiasts to proudly display their passion for the hobby at home. This domestic approach to the use of dilapidated gear is novel, spurring a design that is environmentally friendly and chic at the same time.

The rustic CycleHangers framework features handlebars, wheels and the main frame. While these parts are disassembled, the pedal-pushing structure that lies behind the products is easily recognizable. These goods have been finished with wood, adding value to the pieces. For those with old or dysfunctional cycles who are interested in replicating the design on their own terms, the experts at Co-oproduct have posted an interactive do-it-yourself lookbook that breaks down this creative manufacture process.