C-Mode by Marija Cvetkovska is a Vibrant and Versatile Sofa

 - Nov 23, 2012
References: behance.net
It seems as though unless a piece of furniture can do more than one thing, it is dismissed immediately nowadays; thankfully, C-Mode by Marija Cvetkovska is a versatile couch that focuses as much on form as it does on function. A simple concept, this sofa can be folded down to create another type of surface that can either accommodate more people or even act as a small side table.

C-Mode by Marija Cvetkovska, an interior designer based in Macedonia, is all about the simplicity of materials and shapes. The base is made out of lasercut wood that allows it to be as malleable as it is while the upholstery looks like a chocolate Cadbury Caramilk bar for that same reason. It is available in various colors including turquoise, green and blue.