The Clown Bookshelf by Andrey Zyomko Plays a Literal Balancing Act

 - Nov 4, 2011
When you purchase a piece of furniture, generally the question of whether or not it will fall over should never come to mind. Observing the Clown Bookshelf by Andrey Zyomko, however, you might be inclined to ask if a six-foot stack of books is more stable.

This is part of the enchanting character of this playful object. Its top portion looks just like your run-of-the-mill bookcase, but it seems to have been placed precariously on top of three other unusual forms. At the bottom of the topsy-turvy tower is a triangular prism, set securely on its rectangular base. A flat square panel rests on the sharp edge of the shape below and carries a hollow cylinder that looks ready to roll off. The Clown Bookshelf by Andrey Zyomko would be built with balanced precision, offering only the eyes a lighthearted delight.