Claire Benson Explores the Magic of Hunting in her Latest Series

 - Nov 6, 2014
References: clarebenson & featureshoot
Claire Benson explores the ritualized history of hunting in her series 'The Shepherd's Daughter.'

The project stars Benson, her father and her sister, but it is much bigger than any of them. They merely represent another link in a long line of hunters who have come before them. Benson explains, "It is a tradition that goes back much farther than any time that I can know or name; a tradition that continues to be passed down, especially in rural areas like the one where I grew up." She goes onto note that it is a life she was born into, a reason that is enough for some to embrace the hunting way of life.

Benson's project is a tribute to the world she grew up in, capturing the beauty of tradition, the unpredictability of the wilderness and the calm acceptance of death as a part of life.