Use the Spooky Mars Attacks! Ship as a Fun Christmas Tree Ornament

 - Nov 4, 2012
References: entertainmentearth & geekalerts
For an alternative take on the traditional Christmas tree ornament, the Spooky Mars Attacks! Ship is creepy and cool.

These freaky alien-powered ships are featured in the cheesy scary movie Mars Attacks! where the space creatures come down to attack earth. The ornaments are true to the aliens of the movie with details such as haunting green skeletal faces, bulging beady eyes as well as their exposed, over-sized brains that are encased in glass domes and pretty much take over the entire ship.

Instead of the plain ball ornaments this year, why not go for something fun and unexpected by covering your entire tree with these gruesome aliens? Or, for a more toned down Christmas decor idea, place one or two of the Spooky Mars Attacks! Ships amongst the rest of your Christmas tree ornaments.