Find Out About the Secret Lives of Santa's Christmas Reindeer

 - Dec 21, 2012
References: flikli
While the Christmas reindeer have an important task to do each year, carrying Santa through the sky as he fulfills the dreams of children everywhere, what they do for the rest of the year remains a mystery.

The reindeer paparazzi over at Flikli Videos have gone undercover on a top secret mission and have caught incriminating evidence of the various activities that each of the famous reindeer get up to when they are off duty. They don't divulge their identities, but if you are a true Christmas reindeer fan, you might be able to guess which one is a fan of Gangnam style, which one is the rockstar and which one has a thing for Vixen.

A new picture of the Secret Lives of Santa's Reindeer is released each day on the Flikli blog.